This week I continue the discussion about forgiveness with my friend Marcia Marcotte. Learn the rest of her story and what I’ve learned as I work toward forgiveness in my own life. Please leave a comment after listening to share your thoughts on this important subject.

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4 Comments on “EPISODE 7 – FORGIVENESS – PART 2

  1. Another wonderful podcast Ellie. It really gets me thinking about myself and what I need to do to “let go”. I could really relate to both of your podcasts on forgiveness and in this one where you asked Marcia how people react to the change in not being her old self hit home for me. I have begun to start doing for me and not always putting everyone else first and I have had family comment on this and in one relationship where someone knew me from a long, long time ago was seeing that I do not react or do things the way I used to. So I feel I am getting there, but it is a process….a long process, and I will keep working at it. I look forward to more of our podcasts on this and others that you have in the future. Thank you for being you!

    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Jody. I’m glad the podcast conversation helped you to recognize that you have done more work than you realized. I have found that sometimes the setbacks come because you are waiting for others to recognize the change in your response. These changes can be confusing for others at first, but as they see you reacting the same (new) way over and over, they will begin to accept that this response and behavior is what you are consciously choosing. Accepting and implementing change for the sake of healing takes time for all involved. The fact that you are aware and want to change are the most important first steps. Yes, please stay tuned, there is much more to come on forgiveness.

  2. Another important and honest conversation Ellie!
    I can relate to the struggle with forgiving myself and others and “letting go” .
    As a hospice nurse I have met dying persons and their families who had difficulty finding peace in their lives and in their dying…as I also have had and have difficulties with navigating the challenges with life and the people in my life, and finding the peace with who I am. I too am striving to remember that everyone has their own struggles, to accept and appreciate others for who they are, to accept and appreciate myself for who I am and ,with that, to forgive myself and others. Accepting, forgiving and letting go are a lifelong “work in progress” for me but , as hard as it is to live consciously, I do believe that doing this difficult work can bring greater contentment….greater peace.
    Thank You Ellie and Marcia for having the courage to openly discuss your experiences with learning to be more accepting of yourself and others, forgiving yourself and others and letting go.

    • You’re welcome! Thank you for sharing your experiences, Gail. It truly was sad to witness how often an inability to offer forgiveness could cause such deep suffering in the dying and their loved ones. As your close friend, I know you have done important work, and I am proud of you for staying the course and learning to appreciate yourself and others for who they are. I know from my own experiences with forgiveness for myself and others that it is not easy, but I agree it is a continued commitment in order to enjoy greater happiness in life and so worth it! Thanks for tuning in and sharing your thoughts.

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