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Episode 8 ~ Letting go of fear and finding forgiveness—a beautiful story

This week I will share a story about the power of forgiveness, from my first book, Stepping-Stones.  


This week I continue the discussion about forgiveness with my friend Marcia Marcotte. Learn the rest of her story and what I’ve learned as I work toward forgiveness in my own life. Please leave a comment after listening to share your thoughts on this… Continue Reading “EPISODE 7 – FORGIVENESS – PART 2”

EPISODE #6 Forgiveness

Do you have a heart for forgiveness? This week is part 1 of my discussion with my friend, Marcia Marcotte. We talk about her life before she knew how to forgive herself and others and the transformation she experienced once she embraced the gift.

Episode #5 – The commonalities between birth and death

Episode 4 Pearls of Passage

Episode #3 Pearls of Passage

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Episode Intro to Pearls of Passage

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